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About Us

Sankofa Dance Theatre Alaska (SDTA), Alaska’s premier African dance organization, was founded in 2017 by Johnnie Wright, Misha Baskerville, and Zilverbakk Omega with the goal of bringing cultural diversity to the far north. Sankofa means “go back and fetch it!” This ethos reminds us that, as a society, we must reflect upon our past to have a progressive future. The company’s purpose is to share the heritage and culture of the African American people with the community through artistic outlets.

Since its inception, Sankofa has grown as an organization, expanding its offerings from dance and entertainment to education and beyond. In 2020, Sankofa Cultural Foundation of Alaska (SCFA) was birthed, a nonprofit organization with the aim to broaden, affirm, and celebrate African American culture through presentations and outreach. Since then, the company has implemented innovative programs such as the “Cultural Arts Community Outreach Residency Program” to aid in the preservation and education of cultural heritage. The company achieves this by engaging the youth and community through art, music, dance, and literary works as vehicles to bring enlivenment, cultural exchange, and unity to the community. 

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